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Look for your desired private Trainingsworld in our Marketplace.


How Gymshare works




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No Memberships

You can decide yourself when and where you want to train. You don't bind yourself to rent or Memberships

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Booking and payment works quick and easy over our Online system.


Train and play privately like it is you home in unique Locations

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No matter where you are, you find the fitting private Trainingsworld for 

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We stand behind you

 We try our best to build the best Online Marketplace for Sport Facilities and Equipment together with you. 


With Gymshare you have full controll over you Availability, Prices, House Rules and Interaction with Guest. 


Sportfacilitys and Equipment are very expensive and don't get used all the time. We help you use those free vacancies to make money on your Facilities and Equipment.


We try to add new security functions and security mechanism to make gymshare the most trusted online sharing Plattform for SPort

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Look for your desired private Trainingsworld in our Marketplace.

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