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Gymshare Miete und Vermiete Sportanlagen, Sporträume, Sportausrüstung und Sportequipment

Gymshare - How does it work

Rent or rent out sport facilities, sport locations or sport equipment

Any sport

Any Location

Any Equipment

Sportfacilities / Courts / Pools

Sportfacilities / Courts / Pools

Sportfacilities / Courts / Pools

Sportfacilities / Courts / Pools

Sportfacilities / Courts / Pools

Sportfacilities / Courts / Pools

Sportfacilities / Courts / Pools

Sportfacilities / Courts / Pools

How Gymshare works for users

1. Explore all Categories Gymshare has to offer and choose what you are looking for.

2. Look for fitting offers near your location or where you want to travel to.

3. Request a booking quick and easy over Gymshare. You can check in with the listing owners over our platform if you ave further questions. 

4. Pay quick and easy over our platform and receive your booking confirmation


How Gymshare works for Partners




Why join Gymshare

For User

No Memberships

You can decide yourself when and where you want to train. You don't bind yourself to rent or Memberships

Quick and Easy

Booking and payment works quick and easy over our Online system.


Find exclusive locations and use them in private alone or with your friends/clients. Try out new equipment and explore your surroundings with our Partners offers.

Train anywhere

No matter where you are, you find the fitting  Trainingsworld for your needs

Why use Gymshare

For Provider

We stand behind you

 We try our best to build the best Online Marketplace for Sport Facilities and Equipment together with you. 


With Gymshare you have full controll over you Availability, Prices, House Rules and Interaction with Guest. 


Sportfacilitys and Equipment are very expensive and don't get used all the time. We help you use those free vacancies to make money on your Facilities and Equipment.


We try to add new security functions and security mechanism to make gymshare the most trusted online sharing Plattform for SPort

Create a Gymshare Account

You can create a user account in minutes doing the following:

1. Click “Log in” at the top right

2. Enter your email address and create a secure password

3. Please check the email address you entered and confirm you email

Create a listing for your offers on Gymshare

Adding your studio to Studiotime is easy and only takes a few minutes. Once you’ve created a Gymshare account, you can simply click the “Add new listing” at the top right. Please note that all listings are subject to review by our team to ensure the safety of our community. Once you submit your listing for review, we will approve it within 24 hours. If you need to expedite this process or need help with your listing, please email us at

Receive booking requests

You can reply to messages and accept a booking request by doing the following:

1. When logged into your Studiotime account, click on “Messages” in the top right navigation.

2. On the left side navigation of your Messages Inbox, select the “My Requests” to see your studio booking requests and “Booking Requests” tab to respond to booking requests.

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